Lamp in the form of a lion, striding forward and holding a shell-shaped spout in his open mouth. A hole at the top of the mane, covered by a separately made hinged lid, allowed the lamp to be filled. A ring and loop just in front of the filling hole held a chain running back to the tail, which was used to suspend the lamp. A horizontal bar on the left side of the lion must be a means of attaching it to some kind of socket, on a lampstand or other fixture; the modeling on this side is sketchier than on the right, indicating that it was meant to be seen from the side. Patches on the sides mended flaws left when the lamp was cast. Length 0.164 m, height 0.083 m, width 0.04 m.

5th to 7th c, Late Roman
Manisa, Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, 4342