gold_appliques_lydian_sardis_1_b8570c88a191455c8e1172d6cd5faf0d.jpeg gold_appliques_lydian_sardis_2_a3ce39caa87946a9b5f43c2131280316.jpeg

Each of the thirty-six square plaques bears an embossed pictorial scene of a raptor swooping down to lower right above a hare running to the right. Around the scene and in the field are rows of tiny raised dots. Below the hare’s body is a horizontal half palmette. The plaques have a raised line border and a perforation at each corner. Hares and raptors are paired on bone bridle ornaments from Middle Phrygian occupation contexts at Gordion, and as devices of Greek coins of Alis and Akragas.” (Özgen and Öztürk 1996, no. 116). Diameter 0.008 m, weights 0.10 g, 0.11 g, and 0.13, and 0.14 g.

Late 6th or early 5th c BC, Late Lydian (Persian)
Uşak, Archaeological Museum, 1.91.96