Bone plaque of irregular round shape. The front side has an arcuated profile and shows a curled animal with round eye and ear that extend beyond the round outline. The eye has an inner incised circle and central dot; the ear has a triangular cut at its base and an inner incised contour. The head terminates in a slender proboscis (see comment, below) and has a round jowl. Foreleg, hind leg, and slender tail (or is it another hind leg?) terminate in volutes. A half-roundel between tail/second hind leg and proboscis might be hindquarters or filling ornament. Jowl, undersides of legs and body, and half roundel are bordered by single bands of incised squares; within the roundel is a criss-cross of incised lines. The back side is flat and without features. Diameter 0.043 m.

Ca. 650 BC, Lydian
Manisa, Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, 4341