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Collection of gold ornaments and jewelry, belonging to one or more fabric items. According to Roosevelt (Roosevelt 2003, 632): “eight fragments probably belonging to various items of jewelry (two small pins or pegs with spherical heads (MM6283), two pomegranate bead pendants with cylindrical ribbed tubes (MM6284), and four other pendants with cylindrical ribbed tubes and small pins or pegs decorated with six-petal rosettes (MM6285) and assorted forms of stamped à jour appliqués. In addition to one figure of a winged bull, with human head and horns (lamassu?; MM6277), 25 lotus buds (MM6281), 26 lotus flowers (MM6282), and 41 crescent-shaped chain sections (MM6279) probably formed a lotus chain with alternating buds and flowers. Forty-one small eight-petal rosettes also may belong with this design group (MM6280). The configuration of the large number of remaining rosettes is unknown: 29 with eight petals each (MM6278), seven with pins or pegs (MM6286), and 192 with four petals each (MM6287).” Many items are pierced for attachments to fabric.